New Epoxy Aggregate Flooring Installations

Residential Installations

Epoxy Aggregate Flooring Installation

At Hard Rock Flooring, we are skilled craftsmen with over 14 years experience performing epoxy aggregate flooring installations. Residential installations can range from covering small areas to flooring your entire home. Residential epoxy aggregate flooring installations can be over either concrete or wood.

You can expect to receive quality workmanship and polite, accommodating service. We treat your home as if it were our own, and we won't leave you a big mess to clean up. When needed, we are happy to provide free carpet removal and other small preparation jobs with our residential flooring installations.

To inquire about a new residential installation, contact us.

Commercial Aggregate Flooring Installation

Commercial Installations

Hard Rock also has many years of experience performing commercial epoxy aggregate flooring installations, both indoors and outdoors. We can handle anything from small jobs to large projects covering thousands of square feet. Your commercial job will look great with custom logos or design features that not only enhance the appearance of your building, but complement your branding.

We are service-oriented professionals, delivering our work on time and on budget. To inquire about a new commercial installation, contact us.