Commercial Flooring Technologies

Hard Rock Flooring installs attractive, functional, and durable commercial floor coverings in Fresno, California and throughout the Central Valley. Below is a list of the various commercial flooring technologies we provide. Note that it is very important to install the best flooring system for your needs, not just the cheapest one, so contact us to learn more and to get some advice about what your options are.

Epoxy Overlay Systems

Epoxy overlays can be used to beautify, restore, and protect both old and new existing concrete surfaces with an attractive, durable, seamless finish. Learn more »

Urethane Overlay Systems

Urethane overlays are great for food service and production environments, as they minimize downtime during installation, are USDA approved, and provide superior resistance to thermal shock, including to hot cooking oil. Learn more »

MMA Flooring Systems

MMA flooring is an excellent choice for many food processing, industrial, and scientific applications. They provide great resistance to chemical and thermal shock, and they cure very rapidly, even at sub-freezing temperatures. Learn more »

Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete floors provide a very attractive and durable finish that requires limited maintenance. They are great for retail space, restaurants, schools, and any location where a beautiful yet durable floor is needed. Learn more »