Benefits of Epoxy Aggregate Flooring

Epoxy aggregate flooring has become very popular in recent years. Many people either have it in their own home or business or know someone who does. This is no wonder, because the benefits of epoxy aggregate flooring are numerous! Here are just a few of its many advantages:

Benefits of Epoxy Aggregate Flooring

Low Cost

As we describe in the answers to epoxy aggregate flooring questions, aggregate floors generally cost less than other long-lasting floors, including hardwood, tile, marble, and even linoleum in many cases.

Low Maintenance

One of the greatest benefits of epoxy aggregate flooring is that it is VERY LOW MAINTENANCE. Just a little cleaning and a resealing every five years or so is all it needs!


A properly cared for epoxy aggregate floor will last a lifetime. It will outlive almost any other type of flooring.

Breathe Easy

Many homeowners are opting to go with epoxy aggregate flooring because it is much cleaner than carpet, making it far friendlier towards those who have allergy and asthma problems.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Because it makes a seamless floor, epoxy aggregate flooring will actually make your rooms look bigger than, say, tile with its not-so-nice grout lines.

Design Options

Unlike other types of flooring, your design options are absolutely infinite with epoxy aggregate flooring. We can mix and match numerous colors and sizes, and you can let your inner artist come out by creating accents, patterns, borders, logos, and other designs in almost any way you can imagine! See our design gallery for a few examples.

Slip Resistance

Epoxy aggregate flooring is approved by OSHA and ADA as a slip-resistant surface.

Installation Time

Most jobs of 1,000 square feet or less can be completed in two days. Compared to other types of hard surface flooring, epoxy aggregate flooring can be installed in half the time or less.

Now that you understand some of the top benefits of epoxy aggregate flooring, download our free guide entitled "17 MUST-ASK Questions Before Hiring a Flooring Contractor".